Telematics Sync Service (TSS)

Telematics Sync Service for Rental Companies:

Labor cost is going up, employee turnover is increasing, and positions go unfilled. Best way to compensate for this is to make your current employees more productive. The quickest and most effective method to accomplish this outcome is with the integration of the software you already own. Currently, Incus5’s most popular integration, for rental companies, is the integration of their Telematics System and their Rental Company software. This simple and quick integration will save labor and improve operations.

4 out of the top 10 rental companies
in the US by sales have used
Incus5 for this integration

Telematics Sync Service (TSS)

In your rental system you manage equipment by status, branch assignment and rental assignment (“On Contract”; “Off Contract”; “Current Customer”; “Job” or “Branch.”) but your telematics is not organized that way. 

Telematics Sync Service (TSS) provides a consistent view between your Rental/ERP system and fleet management in Trackunit.  It automatically creates and updates group memberships based on equipment status and rental assignment so you can manage telematics just like your rental system.

Support Rental Company Software?

All major rental software vendors including:

Supported Telematics Vendors

“Trackunit has full support for importing ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) feeds into the Trackunit platform from other telematic providers.

This section shows some of the major feeds we currently import for customers, and instructions for how to get a new feed setup. However, any other ISO 15143-3 compliant can also be imported. Feed details can always be sent to”


Why Incus5?

What types of systems can you integrate with?

We are a Certified Trackunit Integrator and can integrate Trackunit and ZTR (Now part of Trackunit) with any rental software system including: Wynne(rentalman),, Intempo, Integrated Rental, eBS,Texada, 

How much does Telematics Sync Service Cost?

Telematics Sync Service has a 10K setup fee, which requires simple verification of integration requirements.  Maintenance is 100 to 300 per month depending on the number of branches and complexity of business rules.

How do we start and how long does it take?

Arrange a short discovery call where we verify the integration requirements.  Implementations take from one to three months to get it right depending on availability of your personnel.