Enterprise Scheduling

I5 Scheduler SaaS

A builder SaaS product meant to be used by developers in their products.  It is completely white labeled and designed with the developer in mind.

Simple. Automated. Scheduling.

The I5 Scheduler solves the difficult problem of complex scheduling: coordinating people’s time and availability across multiple companies, time-zones and event types.

The I5 Scheduler is a plug and play feature component that seamlessly integrates sophisticated scheduling functionality into your application


5 Dollars per month per user Headless with Full RestAPI for Builders

No Upsell True White Label Software Fully White labeled keeping the entire focus on strengthening your brand. Oftentimes SaaS companies offer “White Labeled” versions for more money, but even out of their higher priced plans their brand is not fully suppressed, and their API is still limited.


Event Creation and Use – Provides Event Availability for any given event in addition to the ability to query available using year & month. These features provide the application with a means to describe an Event that can be used to schedule against. The Event holds all the default information about the event such as the title of the event, description, available time slots, organizers associated with scheduled instances of an event, and any other information to inform the scheduler.

Event Availability – Features provide a way to query availability of a specified event that can be used to inform users of time slots to schedule against. Saving time and blocking multiple appointments to same person.

Event Scheduling – Supports for attendee scheduling from different time zones. Supports external reference ids. Supports for calendar invitations, cancellation or rescheduling. Supports email and text reminders. These features provide the ability to schedule an instance of an event and provide the scheduling functionality core to the scheduler.

Event Integration w/ Virtual Meeting Services – Support for Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Google Hangouts. These features allow the scheduler to integrate with virtual conferencing systems as part of the scheduling process.