We Move Data From Chaos
to Business Value

Transforming operational performance through data contextualization


Enhanced productivity and operational excellence
should be an afterthought.

With the I5 Platform, the world of data
can now be actionable.

Don’t just collect it anymore!


What we do

We build you
your complete solution.

Look. We get it. It’s hard to find a team that truly understands your business needs and challenges.

We are going beyond mere platitudes when we say ” we build you YOUR solution”.

What we are saying is quite simply this – we will surprise you with how well we understand your requirements and how right our solutions will be for your business.


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The ability to bring in all data sources into a single platform not only enhances the value of the data, but makes it mission critical,

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Having insight into an asset is great with all the it's complementary data is true insight.

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Taking an insight into action on that asset is true productivity.


At Incus5, we are invested in Construction Technology (ConTech) and serving the industries within it including the rental platform, construction, and field service.

Partner with us and we will be focused on enhancing productivity, bringing you a white-label service with multiple offerings:

We understand that Construction Technology is an ever-evolving market, and we want to bring you success in this rapidly changing environment.

Your priorities become our priorities as we build a platform, which ensures that your employees remain safe on-site, client information is kept confidential, and projects are able to move with the utmost efficiency.

Our goal is to bring you the best technology so that your business stays at the top.

Enhancing operational productivity, while highlighting data. 

Bringing data to a single platform

Whether it be ERP, CRM, telematics, job reporting, inspections or parts, having a cross functional view of mission critical data in a single platform is knowledge.

Our team

Say hello to
your new best friends

The world of technology moves at a staggering pace. That’s why we approach our work and the people we hire differently than most. We focus on intelligent versus the traditional skills attainment model, valuing highly intelligent people that can learn and adapt quickly.

Individuals who can dive deep enough into a new technology and leverage it in creative ways help incus5 stand out from the traditional boutique development firm.

Incus5 is commited to bringing integrity and transparency to the work it undertakes

We believe that good work is it’s own spokesperson. Whether you are looking to automate or streamline your business or figuring out what to do with all that data, we are the best bet for your growing business.


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